Search for septic system records within Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties by street address. When searching enter the complete street number and/or all or part of the street name and only the street name. Do not include the type of street or the direction of the street. The street name string entered does not need to be complete to get a match. A partial street name is actually best for matching; However, it should be a portion of the street name either of the beginning, middle or ending portion. Please also note that our records date back to the 1940’s and street names have changed over time (i.e. Highway 83 is now Parker Rd and County Road 137 became Kiowa Bennett Road). See the bottom of the page for examples.



    Not all properties in the Tri-County area have corresponding septic system records due to various factors. There are also some septic system drawings that were and are far too large to digitize or may be too large to download via certain Internet connections. To request those septic system documents that were too large to be included in the attached file, please fill out the following form.  Septic system record request  Please note that not all rows/properties will have an attachment.

Address To Search For Street Number Search Text Street Name Search Text
1350 South Split Rock Rd
1350 Split Rock
1350 Split